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An oasis of Crimson Tide sanity in Gamecock country

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I am a huge sports fan in South Carolina. I graduated from the University of Alabama, so SEC football is a huge part of my life. Other favorites/interests include the Chicago Cubs, Carolina Panthers, WWE, and independent wrestling.

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Haven't We Done This Before, Vince?!?! posted on 06/16/2009

Vince McMahon's announcement of the "sale" of Monday Night Raw to a new owner really excited me last night. There were so many possibilities. How cool would it be for the fans if Eric Bischoff bought Raw, only to change the name to Monday Nitro? What a storyline! How about Billionaire Ted (Ted Turner for those of you who may not remember the Monday Night Wars)? Heck, even the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase would have opened some doors. We got, instead, Donald Trump?

This would have been interesting. . .had WrestleMania 23 never happened. We've seen Trump in WWE. Does anyone actually think that he will be there on a regular basis? And can he cut a credible promo? I think not.

So, instead of something fresh, we got leftovers. Well, at least we do have some new ideas, such as a wrestler after Rey Mysterio's mask. . .oh, wait. . .

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Living with the Alabama Textbook scandal posted on 06/15/2009

Last week, the NCAA gave Alabama a slap on the wrist, giving them three years of probation due to athletes improperly using their textbook benefits. The national media gave the story a bit of play, but it was largely ignored. The talk radio hosts in Columbia, however, latched onto this story immediately. One station talked about the story for roughly five hours on the day the probation was handed down by the NCAA. You would have thought that Alabama had committed a major infraction, rather than just the selling of textbooks. The hosts repeatedly called for scholarship losses.

In my experience, scholarship losses generally occur when violations give a team a competitive advantage. When Bama was busted for its recruiting of Albert Means, the team was attempting to get a competitive advantage. Scholarship losses were the deserved punishment. This textbook scandal, however, was a case of athletes on campus taking advantage of the system. There was no advantage gained, and therefore no scholarships lost.

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