Cesar Valverde's WWE Wrestling Extended Profile

Who am I?

Die hard Yankee fan living in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Married to a beautiful Puerto Rican woman and blessed with 2 beautiful children, Joshua (5) and Mya (1). We live life to the fullest for the honor and glory of Jesus Christ. In my community, there are Red Sox fans, Mets fans, and Yankees fans. In my church, we have ministers from California and Arizona. So we also have Dodgers fans and Diamondback fans. I have very interesting conversations with everybody, including very competitive ones with Red Sox fans. With this blog, I make my stand as a Yankee fan. Like to shop Amazon? Check out my store: http://astore.amazon.com/cesvalsnewyor-20 . If you don't see anything you like, feel free to use the search feature.

Brief description

Die hard Yankee fan. Born in Peru. Raised in NY. Residing in CT. Living for Jesus. Life's got you down? All things are possible for God. Follow me on Twitter. http://twitter.com/VOBptPerucho37


Food Network, my son's t-ball games, my wife singing at church, Noggin with my kids, Phase 10 (a card game), RealArcade, teaching children the Word of God

I would like to ...

Become a licensed minister and help my pastor equip people for the kingdom of God all the while blogging my opinions.